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Welcome to Dymoria's development page, the M(icro)MORPG!


Even building a M(icro)MORPG is no small feat, and this is something I am not ignorant of. The idea here is NOT to build a World of Warcraft or Elder Scrolls or Knights of the Old Republic. That would be way beyond me as a single developer. Instead, I am narrowing down the scope of the game  to a casual, tile/turn-based survival/crafting game that can be built with the skillset and tools I have at my disposal.


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About Dymoria

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Dymoria is an in-development indie M(micro)MORPG by an indie dev known as LillyByte.


What kind of world will Dymoria be?


The world of Dymoria will take place in the 'post' post apocalypse. Long after civilization has been destroyed and long after its remnants have declined and decayed, where sentient beings have become barely more than tribal primitives who scratch out a living in an environment that nature has aggressively reclaimed. In this hostile world, plants have evolved to become the apex predators, and everything that moves is on the menu, including you... or, rather, especially you. During their peak feeding cycles, these carnivorous plants will actively hunt you down in their quest to feast on your flesh and rid the world of you, and the longer you are active in one place, the more they will be drawn to you.


What features will Dymoria support in its complete incarnation?


  • Tile-based RPG with a large, 10,000 x 10,000 map, broken down into a variety of regions.
  • Retro-style RPG with low-poly 3D graphics (3rd person / top down).
  • Casual, turn-based combat that requires thought-out strategy as opposed to quick reflexes.
  • Classless system with skills that will only evolve based on how much you use them.
  • Survival, crafting, gathering, farming, harvesting, and hunting are all central to your survival.
  • Build camps, homesteads, and other structures to help keep yourself alive.
  • Defend yourself against the hostile plant life of Dymoria, other NPCs, and hostile players.
  • Team up with other players, build a village, town, or fortress.
  • Persistent bodies, when you log off, your body will remain vulnerable if unprotected.
  • Permanent death, the stakes are high.
  • A non-physical RPG in a 100% authoritative server.
  • No "Pay2Win" elements or micro-transactions; this is a big one. I hope to offer this game and support its development and servers, solely and only, through Patreon contributions.


There will be no epic quests for you to complete in the world of Dymoria, you are not the hero in this world. You are not tasked with saving anyone from the cataclysm, you cannot, the world has already been taken from you. Your decisions and choices will be little more than a blip on the map, and the only thing you can do now is survive until you die. No, this is not the grand tale of a hero who will be remembered across the ages, but the story of a nobody in the middle of nowhere who will be consumed by a savage world and forgotten in time.



Please do keep in mind that Dymoria is NOT a finsihed game, and right now, Dymoria is not even a game.


All of the work being done on Dymoria is being put into building Dymoria's server engine that will create the foundation the game will be built on.


If you want to help out Dymoria's development by trying the client, you can download the various clients below.


Test Client for Windows


Test Client for Linux


Test Client for Mac


General Legal Disclaimer: The above software (Test Client) is provided "AS IS" for testing Dymoria's client<>server. The Test Client comes with no warranties or support. LillyByte (or the author of Dymoria) assumes no responsibility or liability for your use or misuse of the Test Client. Also, your use of the Test Client conveys no title, license, copyright, patent, or right to the product or access to the servers.


Privacy Disclaimer: The Test Client does not collect or store any user information other than the avatar name, password, and client IP required to connect to and use the Dymoria servers. This information is not shared with any third parties, companies, or individuals outside of Dymoria's developer and administrators. The only event in which this information would be shared is if requested by law enforcement through a court of law.















If you would like to support Dymoria's development, please do so through Patreon.


Patreon helps keep the test server running! And every little bit is super appreciated!


Current Patreon and Twitch supporters get their names in the client during each update! And when Dymoria gets characters, supporters will get special cosmetics based on the length of their support!


Of course, I understand not everyone has $ to spare for support; so there are other ways to support Dymoria! Test the clients, watch my Twitch channel, get involved in chat, share tweets about Dymoria, and all those kind of things!

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